Hey there. I’m Whitney, your friendly neighborhood wedding photographer. I'm a small town Texas girl with the biggest heart for adventure and travel. I've lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands & Dublin, Ireland. I've traveled to Iceland, Paris, Germany, New Mexico, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and many more to tell people's stories with my camera.

I graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelors in journalism, which prepared me to tell your story in a beautiful, seamless way through photography.

Things I love (in no particular order) :
- iced coffee
- making lists
- really long walks
- exploring new places
- the LGBTQ+ community (my bisexual, polyamorous self loves you)
- dancing in my kitchen a little too confidently 
- deep late night conversations
- smiles that say more than words could
- flowers (tulips, sunflowers, roses, ALL FLOWERS)
- country nights and stargazing
- sarcasm and dry senses of humor
- noticing the little lovely things in everyday life - like your best friend's smile, the way you feel when you're genuinely happy, the way the afternoon light dances across the room, and a million other little things.

My husband and I are two kids who fell in love in high school and still slow dance in the kitchen on a weekly basis. We made two adorable, crazy kiddos, and we're living life one day at a time - always making adventure. 

I believe in love with my whole heart. I believe that YOUR love story is beautiful and unique, and deserves to be captured that way.

For me, getting to know you and being able to serve you well is what it's all about. I can't wait to meet you and hear all about your story. 

Let's Fucking Do This!

If you want photos that feel like the real you, that are full of laughter, movement, joy, and even a little spicyness - I'm your girl. Let's make some memories together that you'll never wanna stop sharing.